Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cuomo tabulates $42B Sandy bill

These sent in by Chicken Little and GAW. Thank you both! . If you don't have video bandwidth (and they are very short) just move down to the slide show.

This link will take you to a slide show of over 200 pictures of the reality of what the NE is dealing with

And this from GAW via ZH

Goodbye Petrodollar, Hello Agri-Dollar?

When it comes to firmly established, currency-for-commodity, self reinforcing systems in the past century of human history, nothing comes close to the petrodollar: it is safe to say that few things have shaped the face of the modern world and defined the reserve currency as much as the $2.3 trillion/year energy exports denominated exclusively in US dollars (although recent confirmations of previously inconceivable exclusions such as Turkey's oil-for-gold trade with Iran are increasingly putting the petrodollar status quo under the microscope). But that is the past, and with rapid changes in modern technology and extraction efficiency, leading to such offshoots are renewable and shale, the days of the petrodollar "as defined" may be over. So what new trade regime may be the dominant one for the next several decades? According to some, for now mostly overheard whispering in the hallways, the primary commodity imbalance that will shape the face of global trade in the coming years is not that of energy, but that of food, driven by constantly rising food prices due to a fragmented supply-side unable to catch up with increasing demand, one in which China will play a dominant role but not due to its commodity extraction and/or processing supremacy, but the contrary: due to its soaring deficit for agricultural products, and in which such legacy trade deficit culprits as the US will suddenly enjoy a huge advantage in both trade and geopolitical terms. Coming soon: the agri-dollar.
But first, some perspectives from Karim Bitar on CEO of Genus, on what is sure to be the biggest marginal player of the agri-dollar revolution, China, whose attempt to redefine itself as a consumption-driven superpower will fail epically and very violently, unless it is able to find a way to feed its massive, rising middle class in a cheap and efficient manner. But before that even, take note of the following chart which takes all you know about global trade surplus and deficit when narrowed down to what may soon be that all important agricultural (hence food) category, and flips it around on its head.
The link really explains it with graphs in detail. QB


I am enduring the care taking roll, but I am going to have to hire some help with Yvonne. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I need them. I think her meds are off balance and we are seeing the doctor Wednesday.


  1. Thanks all for the help. PT is here now and I just got a link from Mugabe.

  2. "One person caring about another represents life's greatest value.--Jim Rohn.

    You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. Kahlil Gibran.

    Know, Queen, that you have given a lot--to us on the HIVE and to Yvonne.

    cyber hugs

  3. And, as to drugs--I have firsthand information as to how difficult it is to deal with their interactions AND the side effects. Doctors prescribe them--BUT since they don't LIVE with the person, they don't fully understand a lot of the consequences.

    Sometimes, you have to go to bat and take on your physician AND even the patient. Recently, I had to do that with my husband. He wasn't 'getting' the side effects. I was. And I can be a real tough act when something is important to me. I FORCED him to call the dr who promptly lowered the dosage.

    There is a part of me that has a real problem with those who are optimists, pessimists, and any other 'ists' that aren't REALISTS. Give me reality. It is then that once you identify the problem you can deal with it.

    I heard this am that we may buy more drugs from China. As if the 'fungus among us' we're creating in our own slip-shod labs aren't enough.

    Perhaps Bukko, you can chime in on the drug issue. I'm sure you have to deal with it on a pretty daily basis. While I know your job entails specifics of those faced with brain issues, do you feel that doctors really consider interactions when prescribing? Do you have any opinion as to the safety of the labs creating a lot of our prescriptions?

    I guess I deal with situations far different than many. My hubby woke me with a nightmare this morning. I was dreaming as well...but my dreams combine the reality with subconscious...like dreaming I was surrounded by those my husband called 'dangerous' vets so we RAN AWAY and then stopped at a diner where Doris Day was waiting on us.

    I can pretty much figure out that dream myself as yesterday I had to face the task (that I'd put off for far too long) to write the military history of my father and uncle for the town historical society. My husband still has to do his.

    Gee, something about writing down stuff about battles, facing the always empty hole of loss of your parents and family, dealing with the reality of my husband's various illnesses, and reading the daily news, makes me want to return to the days of yesteryear when everything turned out 'happily ever after' and life was innocent and fixed perfectly at the end of every tv show and movie? WOW, what a SURPRISE!

  4. "...facing the always empty hole of loss of your parents..."
    - - - - - - - - - - -
    I still think about my mother every single day.


  5. Hi QB and all,
    QB sorry to hear about Y. I will do my best to help with articles but I am trading only and keeping my nose out of the news because it skews my trading results. I have also started to develop Apps... don't know how long that will last it is SOOOO time consuming and expensive.

    Anyway! Love to you and Y! Shaza

  6. Thanks guys for everything. Shaza I understand not wanting to read the news as it might affect your trading.

  7. Hi all. Hope everyone is well.

    Great comments as always, no filler here.

    I will provide some links tomorrow, should have more time.

    Do read the linked article, it is very in depth on global food issues and who has the food and who will be hungry, and explains a great deal that I certainly did not know (though sort of suspected, without knowing it all).