Friday, November 16, 2012

Buy Twinkies while you still can and the MB Lost in a Lost World

Going out of business sale from Mammoth and also posted on the Dung Heap by Kitty. So long Hostess we hardly knew you.

Music by The Moody Blues 

I woke up today, I was crying,
Lost in a lost world.
So many people are dying,
Lost in a lost world.
Some of them are living an illusion,
Bounded by the darkness of their minds.
In their eyes it's nation against
nation against nation,
With racial pride.
Sad hearts they hide
Thinking only of themselves,
They shun the light,
(somehow they shun the light)
They think they're right,
(somehow they think they're right)
Living in their empty shells.

Oh, can you see their world is crashing
(so many people, so many people)
Crashing down around their feet
And angry people in the street,
Are telling them they've had their fill
(so many people)
Of politics that wound and kill
(so many people)
Grow, the seeds of evolution
(so many people, so many people)
Revolution never won
It's just another form of gun
To do again what they have done
(so many people, so many people)
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With all our brothers, youngest sons.
(so many people, so many people)

Everywhere you go you'll
see them searching
Everywhere you turn you'll feel the pain
Everyone is looking for the answer
Well look again.
Come on my friend,
Love will find them in the end
Come on my friend, we've got to bend
On our knees and say a prayer.

Oh, can you feel the world is pining
(so many people, so many people)
Pining for someone who really cares
Enough to share his love,
With all of us so we can be
(so many people)
An ever loving family.
(so many people)
Oh, have you forgotten we're all children
(so many people, so many people)
Children from a family tree
That's longer than a centipede
And started long ago when you and I
(so many people, so many people)
Were only love--
(so many people, so many people)

I woke up today, I was crying,
Lost in a lost world,
So many people are dying,
Lost in a lost world.
So many people, so many people, people
Lost in a lost world
So many people, so many people, people
Lost in a lost world


  1. When you talk of the Middle East you can't properly even DISCUSS the situation without interjecting religion. And you can't talk about the Mullahs or Iran without discussing religion either.

    I could go on and give lessons on Biblical history, or the history of the creation of Israel as a 'state', or why the entire region is so fractured--but again, you'd have to delve into religion that goes way, way, way back--some from BEFORE the Middle Ages; some FROM the Middle Ages; some from WWII, some from 1947, some from the 6-day war, etc.

    Most people have no knowledge of religious principles of any other religion but their own...and some don't have it even with their own because they don't understand the tenets of their own faith, let alone anyone else's. Ignorance bequeaths ignorance. They watch tv and get fed lies and half-truths and never bother to check to see if the information is true as it isn't 'important'. I happen to believe that studying the religion of others IS important to understand people. Even atheism is a religion.

    Religion is never going to go away. Humans began seeking a 'source' to worship from the dawn of time. You can argue all you want about how/who/why but there seems to be something inside all of us that craves the need to assign a power to what we believe controls our destiny. (That's about as politically correct a wording as I can come up with. If someone can do better, feel free ;-)

    But this isn't a religious forum; nor is it a political forum. And you'd really have to get to the heart of this conflict from the religious standpoints to get an even brief idea of the political/economic/20th century points.

    My father used to say that there are two things you don't discuss in public: politics and religion.

    While I know that what is happening will affect all of us, trying to discuss the situation here will only open up a wound that may divide our peaceful co-existence I'm going to duct tape my mouth other than this comment.

    My advice, study up on the history of the area from the beginning and then add information from a LOT of sources as you get toward the 20th century. Mistruths abound by people who are trying to spin history for their own purpose on both sides. Figure out the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Then make your judgments accordingly, keep low, serpentine, and go watch the original IN-LAWS movie. Cause when you get right down to it, this conflict is sort of like a marriage with 2 opposing in-laws on each side tugging at the poor bride and groom in the middle!

    Okay, that is my try to keep religion out of my sentiment as much as possible (which, as you know how religious I am is difficult at the best of times!)

  2. ans now for soemthing completely different

  3. Although CL is right and a lot of the middle east in embroiled in religious disputes, this fairly famous UK historian speaks what seems to be the truth. It's not just about religions it is also about politics and powerful mean and lobbiests. It's not just about religion per se, but CL your point is well taken. Take this for what it is worth or just ignore it. Mugabe that was hilarious linky.

    The Real Story of How Israel Was Created

  4. Also I think the author focuses more on the political forces after WW2 rather than the religion. History if fascinating to me and I never stop learning. I also know that one source is never enough.

  5. Now back to some important stuff like football.

  6. If you read Mugabe's link all the way to the bottom you will see the author's new book "How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you." I thought the whole comic was very apropos to blogger comments.

    I may order the book because I don't want to be killed by my cats. LOL

  7. Written by the drummer of the Moody Blues Graeme Edge and the album Nights in White Satin

    "Breathe deep the gathering gloom
    Watch lights fade from every room
    Bedsitter people look back and lament
    Another day's useless energy spent

    Impassioned lovers wrestle as one
    Lonely man cries for love and has none
    New mother picks up and suckles her son
    Senior citizens wish they were young

    Cold hearted orb that rules the night
    Removes the colors from our sight
    Red is grey and yellow white
    But we decide which is right
    And which is an illusion?"

  8. Which is an illusion?
    -The contention that the economy is improving.

  9. Mammoth you must have seen my posting of Late Lament a poem by the drummer G. Edge. on their first album "Nights in White Satin."

    Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
    Watch lights fade from every room.
    Bedsitter people look back and lament,
    Another day's useless energy spent.
    Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
    Lonely man cries for love and has none.
    New mother picks up and suckles her son,
    Senior citizens wish they were young.
    Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
    Removes the colours from our sight.
    Red is grey and yellow white.
    But we decide which is right.
    And which is an illusion?

    Well I can attest that the economy is not improving too.

  10. Bruce Krasting has a good article today. It is a short read and easy to understand.

  11. Queenbee, Thanks for the pointer. Here is the quote of the day, from Hasting's blog:

    "Apple’s losses since 9/21 are now at a massive $163B. That’s equivalent to the annual GDP of Pakistan."

    But does Apple have nukes?

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